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Struggles into Strength: Life’s Greatest Challenges Become Life’s Greatest Asset

We have all heard that "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger". The truth is, it might or might not. It really depends on how we perceive and address our struggles. Often our ongoing struggles are due to blind spots, we are trying to fix the wrong problem or don't see how we can move forward. This is why having a "holistic" approach that considers what is going on with your mind, heart, body and spirit all equally important in trying to achieve whole health. Because we understand that all of these areas impact each other, we also understand that fixing one when the other part is out of alignment will result in minimal or short lived results. Our focus is in helping you tackle some of life's most challenging situations like grief, chronic pain, disease, domestic violence and other traumas. Finding harmony is critical. With the right tools and support, we want to help you become stronger, wiser, healthier, more confident and above all, in PEACEFUL HARMONY!

Holistic Counselling: Achieving Wholeness & Happiness Through BALANCE

PEACE Counselling Services is an Edmonton based Private Practice providing contemporary counselling, support groups, workshops and a variety of wellness programs. We strive to be a safe place for people to develop wholeness in body, mind and spirit and to overcome issues that are causing stress. Using an integrative and holistic approach, PEACE Counselling Services will work with you to customize a plan to achieve health and wellness. Specialty areas include Domestic Violence Recovery; Health Challenges including Chronic Pain and Chronic Disease; Grief; Loss and other traumas. We believe that you can transform life’s struggles into strengths. When you experience a major life event, you can literally feel that you have broken into pieces and we believe you can be put back together so that you can be even stronger and wiser. It is possible to experience inner peace and feel whole. We believe that you already have the resources you need to heal from life’s struggles and grow stronger. Let us show you how to connect with them.


“Sacha is a wonderful and caring woman. Her insights are valuable and empathetic. She has an equally amazing range of abilities!”


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